For Rent

We rent Following products on Daily/Monthly/Yearly basis  ( Minimum Quantity 10 nos Of Desktop/Laptop:

  • Desktops :  Hp/Lenova/Assembled Desktops with  Intel Dual core, CoreI3 , Core i5 ,  Core i7 Processors , 4gb/8gb/16gb Ram/32gb  , 250 gb to 2 Tb Hard disk with LCD Monitors- 17″ to 24″
  • Laptops :    Dell , Lenova, Hp, Apple –  Core i3 , Core i5 Processors, core i7 Processors
  • Servers :  HP /Dell Tower and Rack Servers
  • Projector: LCD/DLP  200o to 3500 Lumens
  • Firewall / UTM  :  BWall , TPLink,  Linux Firewall


  • Leasing keeps your equipment up-to-date. Computers and other tech equipment eventually become obsolete. With a lease, you pass the financial burden of obsolescence to the equipment leasing company. For example, let’s say you have a two-year lease on a copy machine. After that lease expires, you’re free to lease whatever equipment is newer, faster and cheaper. (This is also a reason some people prefer to lease their cars.) In fact, 65 percent of respondents to a 2005 Equipment Leasing Association survey said the ability to have the latest equipment was leasing’s number-one perceived benefit.
  • You’ll have predictable monthly expenses. With a lease, you have a pre-determined monthly line item, which can help you budget more effectively. Thirty-five percent of respondents to the Equipment Leasing Association’s survey said this was leasing’s second-highest benefit.
  • You pay nothing up front. Many small businesses struggle with cash flow and must keep their coffers as full as possible. Because leases rarely require a down payment, you can acquire new equipment without tapping much-needed funds.
  • You’re able to more easily keep up with your competitors. Leasing can enable your small business to acquire sophisticated technology, such as a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone system, that might be otherwise unaffordable. The result: You’re better able to keep up with your larger competitors without draining your financial resources.