Rental Pricing

Type Processor RAM HDD Rent Rs / PerMonth
Desktop with Tft 17″ Dual Core 2Gb 250Gb 1000*
Apple Mac AIR Corei5 4Gb 128  Gb 2900*
Desktop with Tft 18.5″ Core i5 4Gb 500Gb 1700*
Desktop with Tft 18.5″ Core I3 4Gb 500 gb 1350*
Lenova/Dell/HpLaptop Core I3 4Gb 250 Gb 1600*
Lenova/Dell/HpLaptop Core i5 4gb-16gb 250Gb 1800*
Apple Laptops Core i5- i7 4gb-16gb 500Gb Rs 3000- 30000*
Lenova/Dell/HpLaptop Core i7 16gb  512 ssd  2900-7000*
Firewall/UTM BWall Dual WAN   4000


Buy Vs Rent

  • The initial outlay for needed equipment may be too much. Your business may have to tie up lines of credit or cough up a hefty sum to acquire the equipment it needs. Those lines of credit and funds could be used elsewhere for marketing, advertising or other functions that can help grow your business.
  • Eventually, you’re stuck with outdated equipment. Computer technology becomes outdated quickly. A growing small business may need to refresh its technology in some areas every 18 months. That means you’re eventually stuck with outdated equipment that you must donate, sell or recycle.